August 28, 2006

Not so white shoes

Week 5-

Monday: Another short run..if you can't tell a pattern. A 24 minute run that went really well. Sean and I kept up a really good pace and got real sweaty. It was cute.

While I think it is fabulous that Baylor waters our always (rather unnatural) green grass at night, I do find it annoying that the sprinklers turn the trail into a mud pit. As you are jogging along you are attempting to miss the 3 inches of mud at the same time getting sprayed with the sprinkler. It's rather surprising and normally causes you to find some kind of mud "trench". I'm not a real girlie girl but I don't appreciate having one wet shoe that is covered in mud. So I ask why not water it later..I mean prime time for bear trail running is around 9:30 since we live in Texas and it stays over a 100 until then. That is just my suggestion. Oh and if anyone is reading this from Baylor can we inform those Collins girls that are walking in packs of 10 that it is okay to move out of the way. You will not miss those girls for the 3 seconds it takes you to move. Thanks!!

August 26, 2006

some motivation

Week 4-

Saturday: Well for those of you that are close to me I have recently had a little more motivation to run. Stress relief. I've been going through a lot in the past couple of days with personal stuff and the run this morning was important for me mentally. I finished the 9 miles...but threw up at the end. I hadn't eaten, drinken enough water, or slept since Thursday evening and my body was in bad condition. I would never recommend running when that is happening. While it caused me to not be as mentally stressed out my body is HATING me right now. Well, tomorrow is a new day. Please I need more encouragment now than ever. Thank you to all my friends and family that have been so supportive. I'm very appreciative.

August 22, 2006

50 minutes to 5 miles to 6 miles

Week 4-

Tuesday: It was absolutely gorgeous outside tonight. It was breezy and cool for the first time in months. I went running with Sean and we decided we were going to run 5 miles or 50 minutes (whichever came first)! Well, we were on pace for 5 miles and for some crazy, insane reason we decided that we both felt like we could keep going. We did. We ended up running 6 miles. Ready for this:


Yes, you remember that I hate running in circles. Well, I did it and so did Sean! 5 miles total with an extra 1 mile tacted on to get back to his apartment. I'm super excited about this run. Just last week I ran 6 miles and barely made I'm running it at a 10:30/mile pace!

Something funny: Between Sean and I we tripped about 10 times. No serious falls but quite a few close calls.

August 21, 2006

safety first

Week 4-

Monday: So there is this women that runs the trail every week. I pass her quite frequently. Now imagine for just a second that you are running, sweating, not wanting to talk and 20 yards in front of you a figure of a women appears with what looks like swollen elbows and knees with some kind of hat on. No no! These strange features are not because of excessively working out but rather her effort to be safe. Elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. No I'm not kidding. She actually runs in this every week around the trail. Sometimes it is accompanied by a large belt around her upper waist. It is rather entertaining, or maybe I'm a mean person!

20 minute run tonight after a LONG day. First day of classes went well!!

August 19, 2006

8 mile

Week 3-

Saturday: 8 mile run in 1 hour and 33 minutes averaging 11:15 min /mile. I would say that is pretty good. It was NOT an easy run. Oh did I mention that it was 99 degrees outside. I love Texas! I'm getting a good idea of Waco and its inhabitants. First we ran through Cameron Park which I'm pretty sure if you want to be raped you can go stand there for 5 minutes and be mistaken as either a prostitute or potential rape victim.

It is the Saturday before my junior year and the official last day of summer. Sad, I know! Dave Matthews was amazing! I think I'll be enjoying a couple of beers and sleeping in LATE tomorrow.

August 17, 2006

yes it is 8:42.

Week 3-

Oh yes, and it has been less than 12 hours since my last run.

Thursday: Today is move in day for all the new freshman. It was chaotic. I was trying to run and avoid the boxes, people, cars, road blocks, mud, etc. It made me think of a Nike commercial or something. Now, I know that I'm only 20 but just seeing all the freshman moving in made me feel old. I mean it was only 2 years ago that I was moving into college. I'm now debating about Grad School! Nostalgia. The run wasn't great but it got don. I'm leaving for Houston tonight and I actually got up early to run. Maybe I'm becoming a real runner! Looking forward to an 8 mile run on Satuday evening with "S."

August 16, 2006

less than 12 hours until my next run!

Week 3-

Yes as the title confirms I have less than 12 hours until my next run. It is 10:3o right now and I plan on being up at 7:30 to run again.

Tuesday: I had a 48 minute run. It went really well about 4 miles or so with my friend Sean. We ran all over Waco and let me say having a boy run with you is so much more comforting. The creepy men that ride by on the bicycle don't make me quite as uncomfortable. He is really good encouragment. I like running with him.

Wednesday: Yes I said that I only run 4 days a week WELL that has been uped to 5 days a week. We have started our "cross training." It sucked. We started off, at a track, with a mile warm-up then proceeded to run a lap, sprinting, with a 2 minute break. Oh, we repeated this 3 more times! Then "S" decided that since I wasn't hurting TOO bad that I could do another 200 (half a lap) sprinting. I did. I don't know why!! So for any of you that have run track, which I didn't do, or played soccer this is the equivalent of sprint work. FUN RIGHT?!

On a random note: I'm going to the Dave Matthews Concert in Houston at the Woodlands Pavillion this weekend. Yes I know it is cliche for a college student to go to Dave but I like him, what can I say!

August 14, 2006

Running got me a job

Week 3-

Monday: Well, good news! I mentioned in Saturday's blog that I may have gotten a job, I did! I will be working for my coach "T" at Farm Bureau Insurance. I'm basically doing whatever he needs me to do. It pays well and is super flexible. I'm VERY excited to have a cash flow again.

Today, a 20 minute run. I figured that I ran about a 8-8 1/2 minute mile tonight which is very exciting. Here are some other things I learned today:

My coach, "S", went to the olympic trials and finished less than 2 minutes short of qualifying. I think I'm being trained by a VERY qualified person.

August 12, 2006

New Road and 6 miles!

Week 2-

Saturday: Some insights into today's adventure around New Road:
  • When a big dump truck or cement truck honk their horn at you it's not amusing. I almost fell off the curb.
  • Talking to scary looking dogs that aren't on leashes while running keeps them from attacking you. At least it did this time!
  • Water and new shoes are quickly becoming my new obsessions.
  • Academy gave me a free shirt. It was their grand opening but I think it was because I smelled.
  • Making your own route is NOT a good idea (aka me and "L" got lost!)
  • I don't need help falling! Repave the roads, geez.
  • Running got me a job!
So about the run: 6 miles, semi-painful. My wonderfully saracastic coach "S" said in a very caring way: I can cry about it and have it amputated or just run. So I ran. It wasn't bad, it hurt but the shoes and ice are helping! Props to Runtex.

August 10, 2006

Austin Run

Week 2-

Thursday: Well I had the chance to go visit my wonderful hometown of Austin yesterday and today! Needless to say I did a ton of shopping and got some NEW SHOES!!! I went to runtex and they fit me in some shoes that will help with the shin splints. So today I went on a "I'm going to stop running before it hurts" run. Want to guess how long? 17 minutes! Horrible. I guess the shoes aren't a cure but they certainly shouldn't make it worse. So, I will be talking to my coach tomorrow to see what I should do about this 6 mile run this Saturday. The thing that sucks is that after 17 minutes I wasn't tired at all. I was in the runnin mood!! Errr, this is frustrating. For all you that know me...does this surprise you?! For all that don't, I've had and rehabbed/ignored every injury you can imagine! Well, wish me luck on this shin splint thing..I'll need it! I'm now back in crazzzzzzzzy Wacko!

August 08, 2006


Week 2-

Tuesday: Today was a long run, 44 minutes. I was doing okay, slight pain in my calves, until around 32 minutes when the pain in the calves reached an all time high! Now I like to believe that I have a rather high pain tolerance. For instance, I've been through 2 surgeries to repair my knees. After tearing my first ACL I tried to go back into the soccer game. This was prior to me knowing I had torn my ACL, but I figured it out quickly as I cut the ball and fell straight to the ground (rather funny). After the second surgery I was walking within the first week and completely recovered in just 3 1/2 months. My tattoo caused me minimal discomfort. It takes a lot of pain to make me stop. This pain today made me walk!

So now that I'm done whining, if anyone that has run long distance may know what this pain is let me know!!!!!!!!

August 07, 2006

Living in Waco

Week 2-

Monday: SO for those that don't know much about Waco, its shady! Hello, David Koresh!?! Here are some quick facts:

1. Crime statistics indicate that in every area listed (murders, rapes, robberies, assault, burglary, etc.) Waco statistics surpass the national average in every category.
2. The percent of people living in poverty in Waco is at 26.3% compared nationally at 11.3%
3. Then there is the epic Branch Davidian Cult!

That being stated, being a 20 year old female running at night is not something I choose to do! Tonight however I didn't plan my run very accordingly. I had dinner with some friends and by 8:45 was out running. Well it's getting darker earlier but I figured "It's only a 20 minute run. It won't get too dark!" WRONG! So I run the 20 minutes and end up less than 1/2 mile away from my apartment when this car starts driving by me very slowly. I'm very aware of my surroundings at this point. I decide it may just be someone I know until this same car makes another pass. At this point I'm not far from my apartment, it's within sight, and I start running. The car was sitting at the stop sign by my apartment and I waited for it to turn (which I do believe it was making ANOTHER pass) and made it safely into my apartment. Don't worry I made sure he wasn't anywhere in sight when I went into my apartment complex as to not make myself a part of those crime stats. So, lesson #200 (I've lived in Waco for 2 years now, lots of lessons learned) don't EVER run at night, even at dusk.

The boring part of the story: 20 minute run went REALLY well.

August 05, 2006

5 miles without stopping

Week 1-

Saturday: This morning at 7 a.m. I met with my training group! I ran, without stopping (very slow but never walking), 5 miles. I felt really great about it after I was done. I really honestly didn't think I would be able to do it but running with a group and keeping pace with others is good motivation. There is about 15 of us most of them seem to be in their 30's to mid 40's. There are only 4 of us that are my age. One of the girls actually goes to Baylor so hopefully we will be able to run together! I'm really excited about this run. So tonight and tomorrow are my days off. This week we start with increasing times. I'm feeling good about this so far but I'm sure this is just the honeymoon period!

August 03, 2006

Having anxiety!

Week 1-

Thursday: I didn't skip a day in case that is inferred from no post yesterday. I only run Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays right now. Anyway....

I had another 35 minute run which actually went really well. The thing that I am finding the most difficult is realizing that I am going to get tired and breathe hard BUT that doesn't mean I can't keep going. I didn't stop at all. I was really proud of myself. I am having anxiety about this Saturday. We are suppose to run 5 miles. I know that I can do it, or I think that I can but I don't want to be the loser out there walking half way through or something. I don't know, I suppose it is just that stress of doing something that I've never done before! When I talked to my coach last week he basically told me that when training for a marathon you have to beat your body up. I try to keep that in mind. It's good motivation..I'm not sure why. I guess because this isn't suppose to be easy and it's suppose to hurt! Well no interesting stories from the trail today. I didn't trip, no awkward waves, nothing! I was actually pretty stressed all day and it released a lot of anxiety.

August 01, 2006

running in circles!

Week 1:
Tuesday- So today was my 35 minute run. I think I ran about 4 miles...maybe a little under. I refuse to actually figure it out because I will not run in circles. See the bear trail, our campus trail, is 2.5 miles. I can run that once before feeling like I want to kill myself for running the same thing again. So I adventure into campus and run in really odd patterns.

People are so weird when you pass them while running. Some refuse to make eye contact therefore making a very awkward pass. Then there is the really embarrassing instance when you see someone far away that you think you know but as you get closer and have already engaged in the wave you realize that through all the bouncing the person actually looks nothing like the person you thought! Yes, I have had all of these things happen and I figure that as I get further into my running I will become more delirious and clumsy!