November 05, 2006

6.2 to go!

I had my 20 mile run yesterday morning. First, I'm alive and second, it wasn't that bad! I had a great run. Thanks for everyones support. This was a huge run for me! I can't believe I broke 20!

November 03, 2006

night before my first 20 miler!

Friday night...

I have a 20 mile run tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous about it and I suppose I should be. It's 20 miles!!! After this run I will have 2 long runs and then my race. It's crazy. It's all gone by so quickly. Wish me luck tomorrow..I'll need it!!

November 01, 2006

I won!!!!!!!!

I won my first race. I was in the 2 person relay which means I ran the first 13 miles then another girl ran the other 13 miles. We got 1st in the women's 2 person relay!