October 29, 2006

18 miles!

Yes my friends, I have reached a milestone.......18 miles. I survived this morning. I'm exhausted and my legs feel like they can't move but I made it. I think I also found my pain threshold. About mile 16 my legs came down with this awful tingling pain..it didn't get any worse and I kept running so I believe that once I am over 18 miles I will know what pain is.

So I'm also posting some pictures from homecoming..which has made me not blog for awhile. Pi Kappa Phi and Zeta built a homecoming float for the parade that Baylor puts on every year. The floats are awesome and most people build it themselves. There are 3 classes, A, B, and C...We were class B which just meant we could only use $2000 on our float. Class A has no limit to spending. We lost. I'm not sure why, but we all know we should have one. Our ferris wheel moves, we had a strong man that had chasing lights, and a train that puffed smoke. Included is our float and the "winning" float:

The Front, our clown!

The game side.."dunk the jayhawks"

The puffing train..so cute!

The Concession/Fun House side..Wacky Waco Fun House!!

The Winner: (no moving parts, we were playing the jayhawks NOT the dragons, and its small!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, Robs, it breathed FUCKING fire. You honestly thought you could compete? Just kidding, gorgeous! Go Zeta, go zeta! -Walkerface

12:36 AM  

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