October 14, 2006

16 miles!

Yes it is true, 10.2 more miles and I would have run a marathon. I'm exhausted. I was slightly worried after missing last weeks run that this may be more difficult, but I actually ran it at a really good pace. My knees hurt and the lefty is having piercing pain, but eh? Apparently thats a life issue. Yay I've done 16 miles!! I'm looking forward to a long week of homecoming and an 18 mile run on Sunday.

Funny story: Wednesday is the speed work/hills day with my lovely group. Well I was running with "J" and we were just about 100 yards away from the finishing point. I felt great. It was nice outside. My knees weren't balloons. Good run, right? Nope. Well as we are running a car started coming toward us and I attempted to move into the grass by stepping up the curb. No, I didn't fall on the curb but I managed to find a pot hole that was filled with "mud matter." I say "mud matter" because there was definitely water and mud but I wouldn't be surprised if it had some dirty needles, glass, and drugs stashed in it somewhere. Anyway, the hole was about ankle deep and my shoe was SOAKED in this "mud matter." FUN!! I had to laugh of course and I think it made "J" almost fall over. No sarcasm what so ever: it really does make me happy to brighten someones day with one of my falls!


Blogger JOEY_MCFARLAND said...

your inspiring me....no really!!!! I need to get in shape.... That hole you stepped in SUCKED! My toes curled.

6:05 AM  

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