July 31, 2006


I just turned 20 years old and have decided that I would like to complete a marathon. So, why? First, I have always been involved with sports. Soccer and kickball, yes kickball, consumed my life for 13 years. The second reason, I tore both my ACL's. As if the first one wasn't bad enough, I got do it again! So, I RUN! I know that it is slightly crazy but I have had a lot of encouragement from my family and friends.

Week 1:

Monday- I had my worst run yet! I didn't take care of myself this weekend. The picture above shows just exactly why I didn't sleep. See, a bunch of us thought it would be fun to get a cabin near Garner State Park. With that came large animals and a bizillion spiders. That's the biggest spider we killed. Lets just say I constantly had dreams that they were crawling on me. Besides the lack of sleep, we were in the sun and drinking for 3 days.

So today I ran for 30 minutes straight. Only 30 minutes, right? Oh no, the first 1/4 mile I could tell it was going to be a hard run. I pushed through for 30 minutes and was able to do it. The things that I hate about running around campus is that A) you get honked at by either random people or possibly people you know but they are driving too fast to recognize them B) Those really small cracks in the sidewalk that aren't big enough to completely trip over but just big enough to make you look like an idiot when you stumble over nothing! Well, tomorrow I look forward to a 35 minute run. Any tips that anyone might have and or encouragment I will need!!