October 31, 2006


I just registered for my marathon. I'm officially committed to December 10 Dallas White Rock Marathon!!!!

October 29, 2006

18 miles!

Yes my friends, I have reached a milestone.......18 miles. I survived this morning. I'm exhausted and my legs feel like they can't move but I made it. I think I also found my pain threshold. About mile 16 my legs came down with this awful tingling pain..it didn't get any worse and I kept running so I believe that once I am over 18 miles I will know what pain is.

So I'm also posting some pictures from homecoming..which has made me not blog for awhile. Pi Kappa Phi and Zeta built a homecoming float for the parade that Baylor puts on every year. The floats are awesome and most people build it themselves. There are 3 classes, A, B, and C...We were class B which just meant we could only use $2000 on our float. Class A has no limit to spending. We lost. I'm not sure why, but we all know we should have one. Our ferris wheel moves, we had a strong man that had chasing lights, and a train that puffed smoke. Included is our float and the "winning" float:

The Front, our clown!

The game side.."dunk the jayhawks"

The puffing train..so cute!

The Concession/Fun House side..Wacky Waco Fun House!!

The Winner: (no moving parts, we were playing the jayhawks NOT the dragons, and its small!)

race #1


Waco Miracle Match Marathon is in about an hour. I'm running the half marathon relay!! 13 miles this morning on top of the 5 i already ran...18 miles total!! This will be my first official race..I'm very excited!!!!!! Wish me luck.

October 14, 2006

16 miles!

Yes it is true, 10.2 more miles and I would have run a marathon. I'm exhausted. I was slightly worried after missing last weeks run that this may be more difficult, but I actually ran it at a really good pace. My knees hurt and the lefty is having piercing pain, but eh? Apparently thats a life issue. Yay I've done 16 miles!! I'm looking forward to a long week of homecoming and an 18 mile run on Sunday.

Funny story: Wednesday is the speed work/hills day with my lovely group. Well I was running with "J" and we were just about 100 yards away from the finishing point. I felt great. It was nice outside. My knees weren't balloons. Good run, right? Nope. Well as we are running a car started coming toward us and I attempted to move into the grass by stepping up the curb. No, I didn't fall on the curb but I managed to find a pot hole that was filled with "mud matter." I say "mud matter" because there was definitely water and mud but I wouldn't be surprised if it had some dirty needles, glass, and drugs stashed in it somewhere. Anyway, the hole was about ankle deep and my shoe was SOAKED in this "mud matter." FUN!! I had to laugh of course and I think it made "J" almost fall over. No sarcasm what so ever: it really does make me happy to brighten someones day with one of my falls!

October 11, 2006

School gets in the way of LIFE sometimes!

Week whatever!!

New accomplishment: I ran the bear trail 3 times tonight. Maybe circles aren't so bad anymore.

I'm not even sure what week we are in anymore! All I know is that we have 5 more long runs before we start tapering. YAY! I get to run in my first race at the end of October (just a 1/2 marathon) and I want to do the Turkey Trot in Austin in November. I'm being advised not to but we will see.

I feel really guilty about this past weekend. I totally skipped my long run. I don't know what made me decide to do it but I just felt awful that I had all weekend. I know I made both my coaches worry since I didn't show up! That whole decision was so not like me but I guess its over with now. The weirdest part is how tired and blah I felt. I'm so used to running almost everyday that when I took time off my body was freaking out. My run tonight felt amazing so maybe I just needed that break.

I have had a ton going on w/ school and building my sororities float. I'll post pictures of it and explain later. Basically I'm out at the float sight 30+ hours a week, going to school, running, and working. It's been CRAZY. I guess thats life!!!!!!

October 02, 2006

knee results

This morning I went to see my doctor to see how my "40 year old" knees were doing. Thankfully they will be fine. It's called synovitis. The synovium has become inflammed and fluid has gathered there (swelling and pain!). So, nothing I can do about it. I've been prescribed a cortizone something or other if it doesn't continue to get better. Hopefully that won't be necessary. So, training will continue and my knees aren't falling off. YAY!

October 01, 2006

14 miles

Week 9:

Sunday: My knee may have become permanently frozen from all the ice I had on it but I ran my 14 miles today! It didn't hurt too bad, a little shooting pain here and there, until around mile 12. I'm driving in Austin tonight to go to the doctor tomorrow to have it "looked" at. I use "looked" at because for all you that know me it won't really matter what the doctor says. If they try to tell me to stop running I may actually laugh. I just want to know how to prevent it from getting worse, and maybe even healing!! This doctor did both my ACL repairs and knows me well enough to know that telling me I can't do something isn't an option. After my 2nd ACL repair I rehabbed and he released me after only 3 months to play all-stars. I actually played half the season walking around the bases. See, you had to play at least half the season to be eligible for all-stars and since I knew by then I would be able to play I had to get my games in. I actually even scored at one of the games. OH glory days, right?? Anyway, the point is.... quitting isn't an option!! Thanks for all your calls and concerns..and raps??