September 28, 2006

my knee.

Week 9:

I'm slightly concerned. My knee has been swollen and in pain the past couple of days. I have an appointment with the doctor that did both my knee surgeries on Monday but I'm hoping w/ rest and ice this week I won't have to end up going. Anyone know anything about pain around the knee cap? I've read a lot about patellar tendonitis which is just strain on the ligament over the knee cap. It's can be caused from impact of hills, in particular downhill.

September 24, 2006

the fall back week

Week 8

Saturday: We had a simple 11 mile run. ha. I was more sore after that run than any of my other ones. I'm not sure why but when I woke up this morning I stepped down on my left foot and it hurt so bad. The muscle on the side of my foot feels really tight and hurts to put pressure on it. Who knows?? I'm sure it will be fine and if not I'll pretend that it is.
On Wednesday, our speed work day, our wonderful coaches prefaced our run w/ we are going to do 4x 400 and after that we will tell you the last part of the workout. Not bad. The after part I chose to ignore. Then they preceded to tell us, after the 4x 400, that we would be running a 100,400,800, mile, and back down. I personally almost sprinted to my car. No way was I going to do that. They were kidding and gave us popsicles. That made me happy. Stupid coaches! Kidding, I love them.

September 22, 2006

getting digital cable and watching old nickelodeon shows

This is what happens when me and my roommate spend time w/ each other and laugh so hard:

My roommate: are you a professional slut?
Me mocking the kid on TV: NO
Me mocking the other kid on TV: YEEEEEES
My roommate: Are you a dirty whore bag?
Again mocking: no
Again: yeeeeeeees
My roommate: are you a professional filthy street woman ......bumpumpumpbummmmaaaaa- that means it is the end of round one....lets see what eric is bringin home today
Me (refering to the shitty prizes they give away): a spec of glitter from the agrocrag

I know that most people won't get this but I find it worth documenting. This is all in reference to the the show that used to be on nickelodeon "Figure it out." The kids on there are just absolutely ridiculous and probably at this time are making millions but thats beside the point. They give away VCR's, Rollerblades, and pieces of the set from other nickelodeon shows (crappy!). We now have DVR and constantly mock the 8 year olds that are on there. Wow I know! We do live in Waco so give us a break!! We laugh really hard..if anyone ever wants to join I promise we make it 10x funnier than it actually is. I love my roommate.

September 19, 2006

13 miles and Austin City Limits Music Festival!

Week 7:

Friday: Well, I haven't been keeping up with my daily run blogging mainly because less exciting things are happening. Nothing new. I did however hit my half marathon point this week! I ran in Austin while I was in town for Austin City Limits music festival. Townlake has a wonderful trail as long as you are running less than 3 miles! I don't think I realized that it was ALL up hill and down hill until about mile 10 when I was exhausted! My best friend Christopher ran the 13 miles with me. I was slightly pissed off when he completed the entire run side by side with me. I mean what the hell am I training for?! Sadly for him he didn't recover as well as I did. He was in quite a bit of pain and then was forced to walk around Zilker Park for 10 hours. I felt terrible.

Austin City Limits was amazing. 3 days, 10 hours each day and 130 bands.

I was able to see: Willie Nelson, KT Tunstall, G-Love, Eli Young Band, Nickel Creek, Ben Harper, Guster, Ben Kweller, Ray Lamontagne, John Mayor (who was okay) and many others!

Overall: The crowd was okay. The chairs were not. The weather was tolerable. The music was enjoyable as long as you weren't further than 2/3 away from the stage.

September 10, 2006

Baylor wins...UT loses

SIC'EM BEARS!! First win of the season over Northwestern State. Five more wins and we are going to a bowl game..yes a bowl game. Despite all you that are pessimistic and think Baylor is absolutely terrible at football we ARE getting better and we will go to our first bowl game! We may have had some trouble in the past but lets not forget the win over A&M 2 years ago and the double over time with both A&M and OU last season. AAAAHHH SIC'EM BEARS!!

I am mourning the loss of UT to Ohio State last night. Texas fight! There will be a next time and UT will be triumphant.

September 08, 2006

Almost 1/2 Way There

Week 6:


Friday: I had a beautiful run this morning. I decided to do my long run today so that I could have a Friday night this weekend. So I got up at 5:00 this morning and made my way out to the Waco Dam for a 12 mile run..thats where we ran last week. It's 5 miles total (there and back). I figured adding on an extra 2 miles would be relatively easy. I also had the aid of a runner GPS that tracks your pace and mileage. When I got out there it was still dark. Very dark. It creeped me out a bit so I brought my cell phone. I'm not sure how that would help if someone attacked me when I was 2 1/2 miles away from my car but I was being cautious. Anyway, I got to see the moon disappear and the sun come up at the same time. It was really pretty and all over the lake. I ran for a little over 2 hours and can't tell you one thing I thought about. After I got over the mildly scary darkness of Waco I just ran for 2 hours and finished 12 miles by myself. I know I AM amazing :-)

September 04, 2006


Week 6-

Monday: WEEK 6!! DOUBLE DIGITS! YAY!!! Today was a wonderful 24 minute run. It was rainy tonight and very cool so I decided that I would venture into our gym (the SLC, pronounced "slick"). There are some things that have to be known about the not so normal SLC:
  • It's the "cool" place to be seen at Baylor
  • Most of the girls come in full makeup and jewelry hoping to look cute
  • Sweating is optional, most of the girls don't...if you know how not to sweat let me know!
So needless to say I would rather run outside than have a fashion show and be the only person sweating in the gym. Again, why is Baylor in an alternate universe?

September 03, 2006

double digits

Week 5:

Saturday: I hit double digits today, 10 miles. I ran at a really really good pace. We did however have to run up and down the Waco damn which is exactly 2.5 miles. SO running it four times was quite a challenge. I ran with 2 new people that joined. Both of them have run a couple of marathons and are in great shape but we just ran and talked the entire time. It was really fun. They haven't ever been to Austin so I was giving them suggestions on things to do. The both turned out to be Baylor PhD students and are both professors. It was interesting talking to them and hearing the perspective of a professor. I got along with them really well and they were vegetarians. YAY! Hopefully I'll be able to swap some recipes and maybe find some new places to eat in Waco. All in all today was a great running day. A little cloudy and very cool. It was great running on the water! Wish me luck with the next month of training. As I get closer to 20 miles I know I'll need the support. I'm so excited about how far I've come. It's been amazing to see the progress. Thanks again for all the support!!