January 21, 2007

This is my new tattoo! Obviously representing the 26.2 miles I ran for the marathon!!!!

December 10, 2006


I ran 26.2 miles today. I finished my marathon!!!!!!

December 06, 2006

4 days until the marathon

Sorry it has been forever. I have been sick and unable to run. As of late I have completed 2 20 miles runs and I'm 4 days away from the marathon..how exciting!!! Its the dallas white rock marathon on Dec. 10th so if you are free and in the area yall should stop by and holla!!! More to come later....

November 05, 2006

6.2 to go!

I had my 20 mile run yesterday morning. First, I'm alive and second, it wasn't that bad! I had a great run. Thanks for everyones support. This was a huge run for me! I can't believe I broke 20!

November 03, 2006

night before my first 20 miler!

Friday night...

I have a 20 mile run tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous about it and I suppose I should be. It's 20 miles!!! After this run I will have 2 long runs and then my race. It's crazy. It's all gone by so quickly. Wish me luck tomorrow..I'll need it!!

November 01, 2006

I won!!!!!!!!

I won my first race. I was in the 2 person relay which means I ran the first 13 miles then another girl ran the other 13 miles. We got 1st in the women's 2 person relay!

October 31, 2006


I just registered for my marathon. I'm officially committed to December 10 Dallas White Rock Marathon!!!!